Aquarium Design, Service and Installation

New England Aquarium Services works in partnership with our clients, their designers, and their contractors every step of the way. Not using outside designers or contractors? No worries, our staff is highly experienced in exhibit design and are ready to work with you directly to create exactly what you’re envisioning for your unique space.

We can provide:

  • Aquarium design and installation, with custom saltwater aquariums a specialty
  • Weekly and monthly aquarium maintenance programs
  • Custom aquatic life support systems
  • Lobster tank design, installation, and maintenance
  • Indoor pond and water feature design, installation, and maintenance
  • Coral propagation and saltwater reef management
  • Ecosystem design
  • Free local consultations for both private and commercial systems
  • Acrylic tank scratch removal/buffing
  • VENDORMATE certified

New England Aquarium Services incorporated in 1984. Starting out as a small aquarium service company, NEAS has grown to Northern New England’s largest Full Service aquatic life support specialists. For over 30 years, NEAS has provided quality “state of the art” aquariums and life support systems to thousands of businesses, homes and institutions. NEAS’ list of satisfied customers include schools, hospitals, universities and public aquariums. Since a major part of NEAS business is service, the staff has done extensive research on equipment to function in the most efficient way possible.