Our Mission

Here at New England Aquarium Services, our collective goal is to always exceed our client’s expectations. We pride ourselves on building showpiece exhibits that closely mimic natural aquatic environments. But alongside our philosophy to pursue the highest quality, we also work hard to keep our prices reasonable.

Residential and Commercial Aquarium Design, Installation, Maintenance, and Service

Cohesive Creations 

Your aquarium should reflect the style of your home or business, so we work in partnership with our clients, their designers, and their contractors every step of the way. The marine ecosystems we create are designed to provide years of enjoyment and wonder, and as a company we’re committed to embracing new technologies and staying current with the latest academic research.

Our Promise to the Environment

Here at NEAS we pride ourselves on being the green, sustainable choice. To make sure our business doesn’t disrupt the ocean’s natural supply we breed most of the exhibit fish in our own facilities. When sourcing fish that we can’t raise ourselves, we choose only native species from the state of Maine in order to support our local ecosystems. We also grow our own coral, carefully propagating through fragmentation in a unique program developed in partnership with the Marine Biology Department at the University of New England.

Company History

Starting as a small aquarium company in 1984, New England Aquarium Services has grown to become northern New England’s largest full-service aquatic life support systems provider. For over 25 years, NEAS has provided quality state-of-the-art aquariums and support systems to thousands of businesses, homes, and institutions.